Changes to the household survey "A" tables of the Employment Situation News Release on February 4, 2011

Effective with the release of January 2011 data on February 4, 2011, table A-9 of the Employment Situation news release includes two additional data series: "Self-employed workers, unincorporated" and "Self-employed workers, incorporated." As a result, the format of table A-9 has changed. Data on the incorporated self-employed have not previously been published on a regular basis.

Employment Situation News Release Table A-9. Selected employment indicators  HTML   PDF   Retrieve historical data series

Also, data series on self-employed workers were renamed in two other "A" tables. This change was made to clarify that these data only include persons operating unincorporated businesses. This was strictly a change in title and not in definition; the data shown were not affected. In table A-8, two data series previously labeled "Self-employed workers" (one under Agriculture and related industries and one under Nonagricultural industries) were renamed "Self-employed workers, unincorporated." A similar title change was made to one data series in table A-14; the data series previously labeled "Self-employed and unpaid family workers" was renamed "Self-employed workers, unincorporated, and unpaid family workers."


Last Modified Date: February 4, 2011