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Susan Grace Powers, Ph.D.

Research Economist,
Division of Productivity Research and Program Development

Contact Information Phone (202) 691-5894
E-mail Email
Fields of Interest Productivity measurement; technical change; capital measurement; labor economics.

Syracuse University, BA (Economics and Political Science)
SUNY-Binghamton, PhD (Economics)

Professional Experience

Research Economist, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1983-present


Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • "Alternative capital asset depreciation rates for U.S. capital and total factor productivity measures," (with Michael D. Giandrea, Robert J. Kornfeld, and Peter B. Meyer), Monthly Labor Review, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 2022
  • Alternative Capital Asset Depreciation Rates for U.S. Capital and Multifactor Productivity Measures,” with Michael G. Giandrea, Robert J. Kornfeld, and Peter B. Meyer, BLS working paper WP-539, April 2021
  • “Reconciling Differences Between BEA and BLS Industry Output Measures.” Unpublished working paper. April 2008.
  • “Productivity Measurement in a Decentralized Statistical System: Challenges and Opportunities” (with Robert E. Yuskavage) Parallel Session 4A: Productivity Measurement: Methodology and International Comparisons, International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW), 29th General Conference, Joensuu, Finland, August 2006.
  • “An Integrated BEA/BLS Production Account: A First Step and Theoretical Considerations” (with Barbara M. Fraumeni, Michael J. Harper, and Robert E. Yuskavage). In Dale W. Jorgenson, J. Steven Landefeld and William D. Nordhaus (Eds.), A New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts, University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 2006.
  • Progress Toward Completing Historical Production Accounts using the North American Industry Classification System” (with Michael J. Harper, Barabara M. Fraumeni, and Robert E. Yuskavage), 2005.
  • Comparison of BEA and BLS NAICS-based Output Measures” (with Michael J. Harper, Barabara M. Fraumeni, and Robert E. Yuskavage), 2005.
  • “The Cyclicality of Productivity Measures: Are There Increasing Returns?” (with Michael J. Harper). Presented at the Society of Government Economists, Allied Social Sciences Meeting, January 1993.
  • Statistical needs in Eastern Europe.” Monthly Labor Review, March 1992, pp. 18–28. (Editor) Economic Statistics for Economies in Transition: Eastern Europe in the 1990’s. Proceedings Volume for the Conference on Economic Statistics for Economies in Transition: Eastern Europe in the 1990’s, sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Eurostat, held February 14-16, 1991 in Washington, D.C.
  • “Cyclicality of Labor Productivity Measures" (with Lawrence J. Fulco and Michael J. Harper). Presented at the Atlantic Economic Association Meeting, December 1990.
  • “Cyclical Movements in Bureau of Labor Statistics Multifactor Productivity Measures and Capacity Utilization.” BLS Working Paper 198, August 1989.
  • The Role of Capital Discards in Multifactor Productivity Measurement.” Monthly Labor Review, June 1986, pp. 27-35.

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