Productivity Research and Program Development

Productivity Research and Program Development Group Contacts

Division Chief

Jay Stewart

(202) 691-7376

Labor economics; measurement of work hours; measurement of capital; inequality; time use research; within-industry dispersion in productivity

Research Economists

Cindy Cunningham

(202) 691-5680

Job design; use of technology; labor force skill and demographic composition; high-involvement workplace practices; automation and artificial intelligence; within-industry dispersion in productivity

Michael Giandrea

(202) 691-5628

Sources, effects, and measurement of technological change; retirement patterns among American workers; capital measurement; labor’s share of output

Peter Meyer

(202) 691-5678

Sources and effects of technological change; occupational classification; economic history; history of technology; invention of the airplane and its startup industry; prediction models

Sabrina Pabilonia

(202) 691-5614

Productivity growth by U.S. state; within-industry dispersion in productivity; hours measurement; economics of technological change; self-employment; time use research; economics of education

Susan Powers

(202) 691-5894

Productivity measurement; technical change; capital measurement; labor economics; productivity of education sector

Leo Sveikauskas

(202) 691-5677

Research and development; technical change; productivity growth; urban and regional economics; international trade; competitiveness in international trade; productivity in construction industries; productivity in medical industries