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Green Technologies and Practices

GTP Tables

August 2011 GTP tables

  • Establishments reporting green technologies and practices
    • Establishments by type of technology or practice for the U.S. and by census regions (HTML) (PDF)
    • Establishments by industry (HTML) (PDF)
    • Establishments by number of green technologies and practices reported (HTML) (PDF)
    • Establishments by type of technology or practice, U.S. and census regions, and by industry sector (HTML) (PDF)
  • GTP Employment (for workers who spend more than half their time involved in green technologies and practices)
    • Employment for the U.S. and census regions (HTML) (PDF)
    • Employment by industry (HTML) (PDF)
    • Employment and wages by occupation (HTML) (PDF)
  • All GTP establishment and employment data
    • All August 2011 GTP estimates in one file (XLS)