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BLS Only Authorization

The BLS Only level of authorization permits users to access database-specific time series data which, unlike embargoed data, is not releasable to the public for any of various reasons (i.e. Collection methodology under investigation). In that users authorized to access BLS Only data can also access public level data, selecting the BLS Only option will also extract Public level data from the database if the range of years selected includes both. For example, if a time series contains data from 1950 to the present and the data from 1950-1975 is designated as BLS Only data, selecting All Years as the desired output range will extract both the BLS Only data (1950-1975) and the Public level data (1975-present) from the database. Footnotes are not provided in the output, as a result users are responsible for making the distinction between BLS Only and Public level data.

To apply for BLS Only authorization, please contact the LABSTAT Helpdesk for the appropriate Authorization Form


Last Modified Date: July 19, 2008