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How to save the OOH Compilation file from XML to Excel

These instructions are for users who wish to download an XML data file with the entire OOH content and convert it into an Excel worksheet.

The OOH Compilation xml can be found here: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/xml-compilation.xml

  1. Save the OOH Compilation xml file to your local drive and open it in Excel.
  2. When prompted, select ‘Use the XML Source task pane’ option and click OK.

XML Source task pane

  1. Once the file is opened in Excel, the XML Source task pane mapping will appear on the right side of the Excel file.

XML Source task pane

  1. Map the cells in the excel sheet to the XML Source by selecting the cell first and then double-clicking on the XML Source value.

XML Source value

  1. Once cells in the Excel are mapped to source, right click on a cell column title, select XML > Import, and browse to the OOH Compilation saved file to be imported.

XML Import

Note: The column names can be changed after the mapping is done.

  1. Here’s an example of the Excel file once the XML Import is completed:

Final Excel XML  Import

Last Modified Date: December 17, 2015