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Create Customized Tables (multiple screens)

The Create Customized Tables (multiple screens) application allows you to formulate and submit a query to the BLS LABSTAT database to extract data. There is a new, simplified version of Create Customized Tables (multiple screens) called Public Data Query, which requires a Java-enabled browser. With Public Data Query, you make your choices regarding which time series data you want on a single screen. (In the earlier version of Create Customized Tables (multiple screens), which is still available, you typically had to make choices on numerous screens before retrieving data.)

The survey-specific database selections on the main menu are organized according to major BLS statistical categories. Each database link leads to a form-based query utility which is specifically designed for the efficient extraction of time series data from that survey database.

Each extraction builds a list of distinct series identifiers. Series identifiers, also referred to as series IDs, are then easily displayed through the available list feature which allows the user to save the series IDs by cutting and pasting to a text file for later retrieval into the Series Report application.

In formulating a query of a specific database, you narrow your query by choosing field values which correspond to that specific survey (i.e. industries, areas, products, items, etc...).

In that the system imposes a limit of no more than 200 time series for which you can extract data (regardless of number of years per time series), you are advised to note the count as you are formulating your query.


If you have any comments or would like to make a request for enhancements to the Create Customized Tables (multiple screens), send us some feedback.


Last Modified Date: July 19, 2008