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Series Report

The Series Report application provides experienced users of BLS data with the quickest form of access to BLS time series data on our Web site. As input, the Series Report application primarily requires the following information:
  • BLS time series identifier (Also referred to as the "Series ID")
  • Date range (Years only) for desired volume of data
In entering a set of series IDs as input, you are limited to entering a total of 200 series IDs per execution (Regardless of the number of years requested). The selected date range applies to the entire set of series for which you are requesting data. As a result, you are advised to group your input series IDs by date range prior to keying into the list box (Alternately, you can cut and paste a set of series IDs into the list box from the Clipboard). Once you have completed entering the list of desired series IDs, you will be able to select from any of the following date ranges to obtain your desired volume of data:
  • Current and prior year values only
  • Last 4 years (Including the current year)
  • Last 10 years (Including the current year)
  • All the existing data values for that time series - from its point of origin to the current year (Including all periodic observations).


Last Modified Date: July 19, 2008