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Import/Export Price Indexes
MXP MXP Program Links

Discontinued Data Series

U.S. Import Price Indexes for Selected Categories of Goods

U.S. Export Price Indexes for Selected Categories of Goods

U.S. Price Indexes for Selected Categories of Services

  • Freight and Transportation Services (Series through December 2007)
  •   Inbound Crude Oil Tanker Freight Fact Sheet (HTML) (PDF)
      Inbound Ocean Liner Freight Fact Sheet (HTML) (PDF)

  • Travel and Tourism Services (Series through November 2007)
  •   Export Travel and Tourism Fact Sheet (HTML) (PDF)

  • Postsecondary Education Services (Series through Academic Year 2006/07)
  •   Export Postsecondary Education Fact Sheet (HTML) (PDF)

  • Services Indexes (XLSX Zip Files) (PDF Zip Files)


Last Modified Date: June 7, 2017