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Import/Export Price Indexes
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The International Price Program (IPP) produces Import/Export Price Indexes (MXP) containing data on changes in the prices of nonmilitary goods and services traded between the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Next Release:

  • July 2021 U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes are scheduled to be released on August 13, 2021, at 8:30 A.M. Eastern Time.

MXP News Releases

Import prices increase 1.0% in June on higher nonfuel prices; export prices rise 1.2%


Prices for U.S. imports increased 1.0 percent in June following a 1.4-percent advance in May. Export prices rose 1.2 percent in June, after increasing 2.2 percent the previous month. Over the past year, import prices advanced 11.2 percent and export prices rose 16.8 percent.
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MXP Databases

MXP Databases

Database Name Special
Tables Text Files
Import/Export Price Indexes
(International Price Program - IPP)
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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Database holds current time series data that are published simultaneously with the Import and Export Price Index News Release. The data query and extraction tool provides users with an interface to select more than 1000 data series. Unique letter/number combinations represent different descriptors that characterize the index type, product or industry classification, geographic coverage, and time period availability. More information on the format of the data can be found at

More Tools

  • Series Identifiers Key—Not sure what code to use for what you are looking for? Use this as a guide to how the series codes are defined. The Series Identifiers Key presents all published data series for the Import and Export Price Indexes with detailed descriptions of the data series codes. The purpose of this file is to act as a data dictionary for data users to more easily identify the data series they would like to use.
  • Series Report—Already know the series identifier for the statistic you want? Use this shortcut to retrieve your data.
  • Locality-Based Index Codes Prefixes - Looking for an industry level index by country or region? Use this as a guide to the database codes.
  • Text files (FTP) - For those who want it all. Download a flat file of the entire database or large subset of the database.

MXP Tables

Archives: Previous versions of these tables are available upon request.

MXP Publications

Publications other than the monthly news release are produced in order to provide a comprehensive understanding over a variety of topics including how the import/export price indexes are connected to different aspects of the U.S. economy, how they are used by other agencies and organizations, and more. For a general overview of the price indexes, please review the Overview Pamphlet.

Articles and Research Papers Using MXP Data



Country of Origin

Data Uses and Fact Sheets

MXP Competitiveness Measures

Data users interested in measuring the competitiveness of U.S. goods in domestic and foreign markets can use the U.S. import and export price indexes. The BLS presents a report and accompanying tables to provide more information for users interested in comparing import price indexes to the corresponding Producer Price Indexes. Additionally, the BLS publishes locality of origin indexes measuring import prices from select countries, regions, and groupings; locality of destination indexes measuring export prices to select countries, regions, and groupings; and U.S. terms of trade indexes measuring the purchasing power of U.S. exports relative to imports for all goods by select localities where both a LOO and LOD index is published.


MXP Variance Statistics

In order to help users assess the precision of the U.S. import and export price index series, BLS provides variance estimates for these figures. Previously, the data were only calculated for the all-import and all-export series. Beginning in 2019, the published variance estimates became available at a more detailed level.


International Price Comparisons

The international price program participates in the collection of prices that are used to represent the U.S. in certain international price comparisons.

OECD Purchasing Power Parities

World Bank International Comparisons Program

Penn Tables

MXP Frequently Asked Questions

MXP Special Notices

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MXP Contacts

Technical Assistance:

  • Telephone: (202) 691-7101
  • E-Mail: Contact us
  • Fax (202) 691-7179
  • Mail:
  • Division of International Prices
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
    2 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.
    Rm. 3955
    Washington, DC 20212

Media Contact:

  • Telephone: (202) 691-5902

Regional Office Assistance:

Information about the Import/Export Price Indexes and other BLS data may be obtained from any of the eight BLS Regional Economic Analysis and Information offices.

BLS Email Subscription Service:

Subscribers to the BLS Email Subscription Service can receive the Import/Export Price Indexes and other BLS news releases; data summaries; and new publication notifications by email. More information about this free service may be found on the BLS News Service Subscription Page.

Latest Numbers


ImportsNews Release

All Commodities:
+1.0% in Jun 2021 Historical Data

Fuels & Lubricants:
+4.7% in Jun 2021 Historical Data

All Imports Excluding Fuels:
+0.7% in Jun 2021 Historical Data

ExportsNews Release

All Commodities:
+1.2% in Jun 2021 Historical Data

Agricultural Commodities:
+1.5% in Jun 2021 Historical Data

Nonagricultural Commodities:
+1.1% in Jun 2021 Historical Data