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Handbook of Methods Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages More Info

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages: More Info

Additional information on the QCEW can be found online at

For questions by Email, see here.

For questions by telephone, please call (202) 691-6567.

For BLS QCEW Survey Respondents:

Multiple Worksite Report (MWR):

Industry Verification Form (ARS): please contact your respective state office.

For more information on data collection forms, please follow “QCEW Reporting” on the QCEW homepage.

For researchers of QCEW data

On-site Visiting Researcher program

For state-published data

The cooperating State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) have labor market information offices that publish and disseminate QCEW data for their states.

For CES use of QCEW data

CES technical note

For OES use of QCEW data

OES survey methods and reliability statement

For BEA use of QCEW data

BEA wages and salary disbursements

Last Modified Date: April 14, 2017