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April 2015

Lawrence R. Klein Award recipients announced for 2014

Each year since 1969, the Lawrence R. Klein Award has honored the best articles appearing in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Monthly Labor Review. The award was established in honor of Lawrence R. Klein, who retired in 1968 after 22 years as editor-in-chief of the Review and established a fund to encourage articles that exhibit originality of ideas or methods on analysis, adhere to the principles of scientific inquiry, and are well written.

Among articles by BLS authors in 2014, the trustees chose “Investment in higher education by race and ethnicity” by Tian Luo and Richard J. Holden (March 2014).

Among articles by non-BLS authors, the trustees selected “Job Characteristics among working parents: differences by race, ethnicity, and nativity” by Alison Earle, Pamela Joshi, Kimberly Geronimo, and Delores Acevedo-Garcia (May 2014).

Members of the Lawrence R. Klein Award board of trustees are Deborah Klein (president), Ronald Kutscher (secretary-treasurer), William Barron, Robert Bednarzik, and Thomas Nardone.