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March 15, 2010 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Earnings of healthcare workers in hospitals, 2008

Hourly earnings of full-time healthcare workers in selected occupations, hospitals and all industries, 2008
Occupation All industries Hospitals

Healthcare practitioner and technical occupations

$30.23 $29.07

Physicians and surgeons

$76.46 $46.99

Physician assistants

$42.58 $41.43

Registered nurses

$31.54 $31.93

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses

$19.04 $18.45

Diagnostic related technologists and technicians

$27.39 $26.32

Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians

$20.43 $20.99

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics

$15.74 $20.11

These data featured in the TED article, Earnings of healthcare workers in hospitals, 2008.




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