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May 06, 2010

Occupations with increasing employment, 2008–2018

Projected employment change, selected occupations, 2008–18
Employment change, projected 2008–18
Numeric Percent

Accountants and auditors

279,400 22

Computer network, systems, and database administrators

286,600 30

Computer software engineers and computer programmers

283,000 21

Construction laborers

255,900 20

Customer service representatives

399,500 18

Food and beverage serving and related workers

760,700 10

Home health aides and personal and home care aides

836,700 48

Registered nurses

581,500 22

Retail salespersons

374,700 8

Secretaries and administrative assistants

471,600 11

Teachers—kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary

468,600 13

These data featured in the TED article, Occupations with increasing employment, 2008–2018.



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