December 13, 2011 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Fatal occupational injuries in retail trade, 2003–2008

Perecentage of fatal occupational injuries in private retail trade and in all other industries, by event, 2003–2008
Event Retail trade All other industries

All events

100.0 100.0

Assaults and violent acts

51.1 11.2

Transportation incidents

27.6 42.1


8.8 14.9

Contact with objects and equipment

7.0 19.0

Exposure to harmful substances or environments

3.3 9.4

Fires and explosions

1.8 3.1

Note: Percentage of fatalities resulting from other events and exposures (not shown) is less than 0.5 percent for retail trade and for all other industries. Thus, categories do not sum to exactly 100 percent.

These data are featured in the TED article, Fatal occupational injuries in retail trade, 2003–2008.




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