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Average prices for food items, June 2013

August 12, 2013

In June 2013, goods in a typical shopping basket, such as meats, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products, varied in price. Bananas and potatoes ($0.60 and $0.65 per pound, respectively) were among the lowest-priced items in the typical basket. Meats were higher in price. Ground beef, at $3.38 a pound, was more expensive than whole chicken ($1.51 a pound), but less than bacon ($4.92 a pound).

The average price for produce items such as apples, bananas, tomatoes and potatoes was little changed from June 2012 to June 2013, whereas the previously mentioned meat items went up in price from a year ago.

This is an interactive chart; use the arrow buttons to change the date.

U.S. city average price for selected food items, June 2003 – June 2013
Food itemJune 2003June 2004June 2005June 2006June 2007June 2008June 2009June 2010June 2011June 2012June 2013

Ground beef, 100% beef, per lb.


Bacon, sliced, per lb.


Chicken, fresh, whole, per lb.

Eggs, grade A, large, per doz.


Milk, fresh, whole, fortified, per gal.


Apples, Red Delicious, per lb.


Bananas, per lb.


Potatoes, white, per lb.


Tomatoes, field grown, per lb.


Sugar, white, all sizes, per lb.


Potato chips, per 16 oz.


Potato chips cost an average of $4.51 per 16 oz. in June 2013, after reaching a June high of $5.26 last year. Ten years ago, the average price for potato chips was $3.58 per 16 oz. In comparison, tomatoes have only gone from $1.40 per pound in June 2003 to $1.47 per pound in June 2013. Tomatoes reached a June high of $1.81 in 2008.

These data are from the Consumer Price Index program. To access Average Price data, see the Average Price database


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