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Employment and wages in places named for Abraham Lincoln

April 15, 2015

There are a number of counties, cities, and other municipalities named for President Abraham Lincoln, who died on April 15, 1865. Many of these are in rural regions where there are relatively few jobs and wages are below the national average.

Employment and average weekly wage in counties named Lincoln or having a place named Lincoln, September 2014
Area Employment,
September 2014
Average weekly wage,
3rd Quarter 2014

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Lincoln)

686,179 $1,024

Benton County, Missouri (Lincoln)

3,463 506

Charleston County, South Carolina (Lincolnville)

228,856 837

Forest County, Wisconsin (Lincoln)

3,117 631

Hamilton County, Ohio (Lincoln Heights)

502,089 1,073

Lancaster County, Nebraska (Lincoln)

164,380 769

Lincoln County, Arkansas

2,975 589

Lincoln County, Colorado

2,102 731

Lincoln County, Georgia

1,277 543

Lincoln County, Idaho

1,627 619

Lincoln County, Kansas

934 519

Lincoln County, Kentucky

4,041 589

Lincoln County, Maine

11,905 600

Lincoln County, Minnesota

1,677 597

Lincoln County, Mississippi

11,301 631

Lincoln County, Missouri

11,001 645

Lincoln County, Montana

5,355 660

Lincoln County, Nebraska

14,738 662

Lincoln County, Nevada

1,159 734

Lincoln County, New Mexico

6,371 550

Lincoln County, North Carolina

21,002 664

Lincoln County, Oklahoma

6,836 651

Lincoln County, Oregon

18,105 661

Lincoln County, South Dakota

19,102 819

Lincoln County, Tennessee

9,435 631

Lincoln County, Washington

2,968 665

Lincoln County, West Virginia

2,927 761

Lincoln County, Wisconsin

10,745 691

Lincoln County, Wyoming

5,930 787

Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

17,591 688

Logan County, Illinois (Lincoln)

9,293 738

Madison County, New York (Lincoln)

21,762 705

Morris County, New Jersey (Lincoln Park)

281,080 1,341

Providence County, Rhode Island (Lincoln)

280,497 937

San Diego County, California (Lincoln Acres)

1,344,531 1,030

Tama County, Iowa (Lincoln)

4,906 620

Washington County, Arkansas (Lincoln)

96,796 774

Wayne County, Michigan (Lincoln Park)

694,503 1,027

Note: Data are preliminary

Data are for counties or county-equivalent areas. Places named for Abraham Lincoln are shown in parentheses. Counties named Lincoln in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee are named for Revolutionary War General Benjamin Lincoln. Lincoln County, Maine is named for Lincoln, England.

In counties named for Abraham Lincoln, average weekly wages in the third quarter of 2014 ranged from $519 in Lincoln County, Kansas, to $787 in Lincoln County, Wyoming, and $819 in Lincoln County, South Dakota. 

Among counties containing a borough, city, town, or other area named for Lincoln, five had average weekly wages that were above the national average weekly wage of $949. Average weekly wages in these five counties ranged from $1,024 to $1,341: 

  • Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (home of Lincoln Borough), $1,024 
  • Wayne County, Michigan (Lincoln Park), $1,027
  • San Diego County, California (Lincoln Acres), $1,030 
  • Hamilton County, Ohio (Lincoln Heights), $1,073
  • Morris County, New Jersey (Lincoln Park), $1,341

Employment in these "Lincoln Counties" in September 2014 ranged from around 1,000 in both Lincoln County, Kansas, and Lincoln County, Nevada, to over 1.3 million in San Diego County, California (which includes Lincoln Acres). Hamilton County, Ohio (which includes Lincoln Heights) had about 500,000 jobs in September 2014. There were nearly 700,000 jobs in both Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Lincoln), and Wayne County, Michigan (Lincoln Park). For comparison, employment for the entire United States was 137.7 million in September 2014.

These data are from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program. Employment and wage data are for counties or county-equivalent areas. For counties not named Lincoln, places named for the 16th president are shown in parentheses. Counties named Lincoln in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee are named for Revolutionary War General Benjamin Lincoln. Lincoln County, Maine, is named for Lincoln, England.


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