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Nearly half of workers in financial activities teleworked in September 2023

October 24, 2023

In September 2023, the telework rate among the major industries ranged from 6.3 percent in leisure and hospitality to 47.6 percent in financial activities. The telework rate measures the number of people who teleworked or worked at home for pay as a percentage of people who were working. Telework also was common in information (46.7 percent) and professional and business services (41.7 percent).

Percent of employed people by telework status and industry, September 2023
Industry Teleworked all hours Teleworked some hours Did not telework or work at home for pay

Financial activities

24.9 22.7 52.4

Finance and insurance

29.3 23.5 47.2

Real estate and rental and leasing

15.0 20.8 64.2


26.7 19.9 53.3

Professional and business services

25.0 16.7 58.3

Professional and technical services

32.8 22.1 45.2

Management, administrative, and waste services

9.8 6.1 84.1

Public administration

8.9 16.4 74.7


7.9 10.7 81.5

Education and health services

6.5 7.9 85.6

Health care and social assistance

7.4 7.1 85.4

Educational services

5.0 9.1 85.8

Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction

6.6 6.6 86.7

Other services

5.9 7.3 86.9

Wholesale and retail trade

6.3 5.7 88.0

Wholesale trade

10.2 12.4 77.4

Retail trade

5.5 4.4 90.0

Transportation and utilities

3.8 4.9 91.2


7.7 13.3 79.0

Transportation and warehousing

3.1 3.4 93.4


3.0 4.0 93.0

Leisure and hospitality

2.8 3.6 93.7

Arts, entertainment, and recreation

7.3 9.6 83.1

Accommodation and food services

1.3 1.7 96.9

Among the more detailed industries, the highest telework rates in September 2023 were 54.8 percent in professional and technical services (within professional and business services), and 52.8 percent in finance and insurance (part of financial activities).

Within the leisure and hospitality industry, the telework rate was 16.9 percent for arts, entertainment, and recreation, and 3.1 percent for accommodation and food services. 

Learn more about these new telework data from the Current Population Survey. These data, which are not seasonally adjusted, refer to employed people who teleworked or worked at home for pay during the survey’s reference week.


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