Previous ASA/NSF/BLS Fellows

Carol Hert

Syracuse University2000Understanding and Modeling Metadata Use by BLS Survey Methodologists

Sarah Nusser

Iowa State University2002Strategies for Improving Abilities to Use Digital Maps

Jean Opsomer

Iowa State University2003Semiparametric Estimation for the Current Employment Statistics Survey

Lijian Yang

Michigan State University2003Non-and Semi-parametric Analysis of Multivariate Seasonal Time Series Data

Iddo Gal

University of Haifa2004Improving Dissemination Efforts at BLS:  Understanding Statistics in Tables and Graphs

Partha Lahiri

University of Nebraska-Lincoln2004Model-based Estimation using Current Employment Statistics Database

Scott Holan

University of Missouri- Columbia2006Explore Diagnostics for Model-based Seasonal Adjustment in both the time and Spectral Domains

Robert Drago

Penn State2007Simultaneous Activities in the American Time Use Survey: An Exploratory Analysis

Lily Wang

University of Georgia2010Flexible and Robust Estimation for Complex Survey Sampling

Kimberly Sellers

Georgetown2010Advances with the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution

Nicholas Horton

Amherst College2011Use of Auxiliary Data and Sensitivity Analyses for Efficient Design and Analysis of Employment and Establishment Studies with Missing Observations

Ting Yan

University of Michigan2013Response Burden: What Predicts It and What is its Impact on Response Quality?

Mary Meyer

Colorado State University2013Multiple Constrained Regression with Applications to Sparse Data with Ordinal Predictors

Wei-Yin Loh

University of Wisconsin2014Classification and Regression Tree Methods for Sample Survey Data

Ana Aizcorbe

Virginia Tech2015How well does the MarketScan Claims Data Represent Commercially-insured Individuals in the US: Implications for Price Indexes

Sara Wuellner

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries2015Employer-based occupational injury and illness recordkeeping practices, data from four states

Michael Handel

Northeastern University2016Understanding Job Requirements, Technology, and their Relationships to Employment and Wages: Levels and Trends

Kelly McConville

Swarthmore College2016Support Vector Machines as an Imputation Model

Jingchen (Monika) Hu

Vassar College2017Synthetic Consumer Expenditure Survey Data at BLS