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Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Respondents
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Am I required to participate?

CE Respondents Participation Graphic

Your participation in this survey is essential; however, you may choose to decline to answer any particular question. Your voluntary response is essential for ensuring that this survey’s results are complete and accurate.

Why me? Why not interview someone else?

Your address, not you personally, was selected as part of a scientifically determined sample. Your household represents thousands of other households. We need to talk with someone from your household because only your household can accurately tell us how you spend your money.

What will you do with my information?

Your information is combined with responses from thousands of other households across the country, to provide summary statistical data that are used by various local, state, and federal agencies.

Federal law authorizes the collection of this information (Titles 13 and 29 of the United States Code), and Sections 9 and 214 of Title 13 require the Census Bureau to keep all information about you and your household strictly confidential, and to use that information for statistical purposes only.

Please see Value of the CE for a more detailed explanation of how the data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey are used.

Why should I answer these questions?

The questions for the Consumer Expenditure Survey are carefully chosen, and each question meets an important statistical need. Questions about your household help the government understand the economy and develop cost of living measures.


If you have questions about how BLS uses the CE data, you can contact the CE at (202) 691-6900 or by email.

If you have questions about your participation in the CE Survey contact the Census Bureau Regional Office that serves your area.



Last Modified Date: April 9, 2018