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Producer Price Index (PPI) Survey Respondents
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Information for PPI Respondents ‐ How Can BLS Data Help You

Contract Negotiation Tools

Evaluating Wages/Benefits Packages

  • Data from the BLS compensation programs show the average salaries for selected occupations, industries, and localities. Information on the types and costs of employee benefit packages is also available.

Information on Workplace Safety

  • Worker compensation rates are partly determined by workplace injury rates. Occupational Safety and Health program report the number of accidents and fatalities by specific occupation and industry.

Assessing your Industry or Locality

  • A variety of data is available on business costs. In addition, many BLS series are available by industry and/or geography. An abundance of data is available online and free for you to use.

Career Counseling Tools

  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information. This book is used by high school and college guidance counselors across the country. This publication provides information on the training and education needed for specific career fields and earnings and job prospects for a variety of careers. It also provides job search tips and specific information about the job market in each State.

A BLS economist can assist you in understanding how to use our products. Contact information is available online.


Last Modified Date: January 4, 2019