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Featured Article

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April 2021

Estimating state and local employment in recent disasters—from Hurricane Harvey to the COVID-19 pandemic

Steven M. Mance

This article examines how a series of major hurricanes in 2017 and 2018 affected the estimation of state and metropolitan area payroll employment and how lessons learned from these disasters has provided a playbook for producing estimates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Book Reviews

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Immigration and innovation

Ryan Fraser

A collection of recent research examining the experiences of highly skilled immigrants in the United States and their role in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Beyond BLS

Why has the employment–population ratio declined in the United States?

Lawrence H. Leith

Researchers look at why the employment–population ratio has declined over the past two decades.

Consumer inflation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Richard Works

COVID-19 and consumer spending: How have they affected inflation?

Are temporary layoffs becoming permanent during COVID-19?

Cody Parkinson

What can data about unemployed people on temporary layoff tell us about the economic recovery from COVID-19?

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June 1982

During the 1970s, some occupations lost workers and some gained—check out this MLR article from June 1982 that highlights the specific winners and losers.

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