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Featured Article
Featured article image August 2022

Occupational licensing and interstate migration in the United States

Thomas J. Cooke, Mark Ellis, Richard Wright

This article evaluates the relationship between occupational licensing and migration flows between states.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

Antitrust enforcement and labor monopsony in the United States

Daniel Cordier

This book is about the lack of antitrust enforcement in labor markets and what needs to change for antitrust laws to protect workers.

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Beyond BLS

A look at the U.S. labor force through automation and COVID-19

Alexander Saenz

Research examines the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and COVID-19 on workers and occupations.

What will be the future of U.S. electricity production?

Jonas Trostle

A model predicts how the United States will produce its energy in the long run.

A look at how our standard 5-day workweek has changed over 50 years

John C. Roach

Would four 3-day weekends a month improve your worklife balance?

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