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Featured Article

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September 2020

Exploring changes in real average hourly earnings, June 2009 to December 2019

Lawrence Doppelt, Shane Haley

This article examines trends in real average hourly earnings (1982–84 dollars) for all employees from June 2009 to December 2019. It looks at real earnings at the total private and major industry levels, with more detailed analysis for select industries.

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Book Reviews

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Baking a bigger pie and eating it, too: the false tradeoff between innovation and equality

Sarah Mattson

This book explains how smart policy decisions can foster both innovation and equality, with no tradeoff between those two goals.

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Beyond BLS

How did the 2005 hurricanes affect individuals’ long-term earnings?

Jeffrey A. Groen, Mark J. Kutzbach, Anne E. Polivka

Using linked survey and administrative data, researchers find that the effects of hurricanes may increase earnings over the long term but with varied outcomes.

COVID-19, educational attainment, and the impact on American workers

Cody Parkinson

How does COVID-19 effect American workers with different levels of education?

COVID-19 recession is tougher on women

Eleni X. Karageorge

The economic downturn from COVID-19 has hit women harder than men.

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