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May 2019

Tight labor market continues in 2018 as the unemployment rate falls to a 49-year low

Andrew Blank, Roxanna Edwards

As the economy continued to expand in 2018, the labor market continued to strengthen.

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Direct job creation in the United States: learning from the past

Eric H. Landuyt

This book traces the history of direct job creation policy in the United States since the Great Depression, providing lessons that could inform present-day policy debates.

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Beyond BLS

Business turnover in urban areas: size matters

Edith S. Baker

The effects of business turnover affects the economy in various ways.

Want more workers? Improve parental leave policies

Eleni Karageorge

U.S. labor force participation is declining among men and women between the prime ages of 25 and 54.

Does increased opioid use lead to declines in labor market participation?

Serah Hyde

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October 1977

From 1950 to the mid-1970s, the labor force participation rate increased for women and decreased for men. This article also highlights changes during that time span in marriage patterns, fertility, educational attainment, and retirement patterns.

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