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November 2017

A quarterly benchmarking procedure for the Current Employment Statistics program

Mark A. Loewenstein, Matthew Dey

This article proposes an improved procedure for benchmarking employment estimates from the Current Employment Statistics survey.

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Book Reviews

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Labor in the U.S. empire: a historical perspective

Andrew Blank

This collection of 13 essays surveys the history of labor systems used by the United States throughout the world, offering a unique perspective on the concept of U.S. empire.

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Beyond BLS

Retirement-claiming decisions: a survey

Graham Boone

Why people don’t wait longer before claiming Social Security retirement benefits

Explaining the black–white gap in returns to education: it’s not a black-and-white issue

Edith S. Baker

Why does the net wealth of college-educated Blacks decline while that of college-educated Whites rises?

Do Consumer Price Index headlines matter? They just might

Shaun Carter

Does the bond market respond to the “surprise” in the headline CPI number, and should the 12-month change be highlighted rather than the 1-month change?

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May 2008

As we honor our veterans on Veterans Day, let’s read a May 2008 MLR article about the characteristics of Gulf War-era II veterans after their return to the labor force.

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