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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

QCEW Data Overview Page

Access QCEW data in our online database. There are a variety of access methods and tools to help you get the data you need.
Access QCEW geographic cross- sections, industries by geography, data by establishment size class, and multi-year data through these tables. Tables generated from this page are created from QCEW Open Data Access, available in the "For Developers" section.
Full data set access via the use of downloadable files. For example, QCEW publishes every NAICS industry for every county, state, MSA, the nation, and Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands areas. Data set cannot be fully supported by the BLS publication database (less than 10 percent of QCEW data). Go here for 100 percent of QCEW!
This application provides access to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as implemented at BLS. It is intended for use by BLS data users and by BLS and state staff working on statistical data development and production.
A complete list of QCEW data resources to help data users understand how to use QCEW data.
QCEW provides a collection of CSV files designed to allow third party programmers, developers, and organizations to retrieve published QCEW data in CSV format. This location provides links to QCEW CSV file documentation, sample code in several languages, and to all QCEW data for the most recent 5 years.
Interactive map application that provides QCEW totals for employment, wages, establishments, and location quotients at the industry high-level for states and counties.
Our regional offices write news releases for the published areas. You can explore these and additional regional products here.
Get the latest numbers for selected statistics.
See charts of the latest data. These are updated with each new issuance of data.