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Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

Historical data series access by subject (CPS)

This page, organized by subject, contains links to various database tools that allow you to retrieve historical data series from the Current Population Survey (CPS), or household survey.

Some of the database access tools use a layout similar to those in published tables. Others use a step-by-step selection menu. Those labeled "Most requested" provide quick, two-click access to selected series.

Note that once historical data series have been retrieved, the format can be customized by selecting "More Formatting Options" in the upper right portion of the screen.

You can browse published data tables, news releases, reports, and other information about these subjects using the CPS topics A to Z index.



(Disability data were added to the survey in June 2008)

Discouraged workers


(Quarterly and annual averages)

Educational attainment

(Data series begin in 1992)

Employed persons

Families and marital status

Employment and unemployment statistics for married men and women

Employment and unemployment statistics for parents
(Annual averages)

Foreign-born workers

Full- or part-time status

Labor force

Labor force status flows

Multiple jobholders

Not in the labor force

Occupation and industry

Race and Hispanic or Latino ethnicity

Self-employed persons (class of worker)


Alternative measures of labor underutilization (U-1 through U-6)

Union members




Last Modified Date: February 7, 2020