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Featured Article
Featured article image February 2024

Reconstruction of CES time series: implementing the NAICS 2022 redefinitions

Albert Kleine, Christopher Nesseth

Current Employment Statistics data are reclassified after changes to the North American Industry Classification System in 2022.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

Chasing policies, chasing jobs, chasing automation

Jessica Holmes

This book traces the political history of the “technology-versus-jobs” debate from 1921 to 1966, a period marking the height of U.S. industrial power.

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Beyond BLS

Borrowing costs weakened consumer sentiment in 2023

Ryan Ansell

Gross domestic product, employment, and inflation figures were all positively received in 2023, but consumer sentiment was low.

The impact of double majors during economic downturns

Eleni X. Karageorge

College graduates with double majors are more protected against income fluctuations during economic downturns compared with students with only one major.

What factors do workers consider when changing jobs?

Lisa N. Huynh

Job changers look for new opportunities, as well as increased pay and benefits.

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Flashback image

October 1993

Findings from a BLS 1993 study found that specialized skills and education substantially affect a worker’s earnings.

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