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August 2018

Shale gas production and labor market trends in the U.S. Marcellus–Utica region over the last decade

Gavin C. Pickenpaugh, Justin M. Adder

This article analyzes trends over the last decade in shale gas production and labor market data in the Marcellus–Utica region, where much of the recent increase in U.S. natural gas production has occurred.

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Compromise at work: processes, policies, and outcomes that shape U.S. labor relations

Graham Boone

This textbook introduces readers to U.S. labor relations by examining the forces affecting collective bargaining, the functioning of the bargaining system, and the outcomes produced by that system.

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Beyond BLS

Labor force participation and employment rates declining for prime-age men and women

Cody Parkinson

This article examines data showing declines in labor force participation rates and employment-to-population ratios of prime age men and women, and some possible reasons for the declines.

Examining the market power of on-demand labor platforms in the gig economy

Richard Works

An look at the disparate bargaining power between online employers and workers, based on evidence from Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Study measures effect of labor market concentration on wages

Peter C. Fisk

An analysis of the relationship between labor market concentration and wages.

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June 1982

During the 1970s, some occupations lost workers and some gained—check out this MLR article from June 1982 that highlights the specific winners and losers.

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