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Featured Article
Featured article image June 2024

Employment continues to expand in 2023, though at a slower pace than in the previous 2 years

Maria Ramos, Lindsay Walk

Job growth continued but was mixed in several industries.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

Primer for overdue unemployment insurance reform

David E. Balducchi, Michele A. Evermore

This book identifies chronic deficiencies in the federal–state unemployment insurance program and suggests ways in which they can be addressed.

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Beyond BLS

High work-from-home rates persist in 2023

Lawrence H. Leith

After increasing sharply at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home rates in the United States remained high in 2023.

Health insurance as a crime-fighting tool

Jonathan Yoe

A quasi-natural experiment in Tennessee provides a case study in health and crime.

A reappraisal of Keynes’s “Economic possibilities for our grandchildren”

Justin Holt

Research analyzes Keynes’s theory of economic growth.

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