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April 2017

Examining price transmission across labor compensation costs, consumer prices, and finished-goods prices

Jonathan D. Church, Bradley Akin

This article uses a vector error-correction model to examine price transmission between labor compensation costs, on the one hand, and consumer and finished-goods prices, on the other.

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Navigating the shadow economy: only the shadow knows

Ashlie M. Koehn

This overarching addition to the literature on the shadow economy offers well-founded estimates of the size of the illegal workforce in major global cities in 151 countries and discusses the effects of the underground economy, policies for dealing with it, and the motivations for participating in it.

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Beyond BLS

Words pack a punch in online job recruiting

Charlotte M. Irby

Researchers look at how effectively the words used in job listings recruit the desired applicants.

Is there age discrimination in hiring?

Edith S. Baker

A new study offers extensive statistical evidence that there is age discrimination in hiring and that women experience more age discrimination than men.

“Superstar” companies to blame for workers’ falling share of income

Eleni Karageorge

Researchers find that industries whose sales are concentrated among a few large and profitable firms tends to have the steepest declines in labor’s share of gross domestic product.

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