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June 2017

Hospital workers: an assessment of occupational injuries and illnesses

Michelle A. Dressner

This article analyzes injury and illness counts and incidence rates among workers employed in different types of hospitals.

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Navigating national regulations and global changes: international and comparative employment

Jeffrey Wheeler

A group of distinguished scholars examine employment relations in 12 countries.

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Beyond BLS

The effect of state parity laws on how providers treat substance use disorder

Katelynn Harris

Researchers find that laws to standardize health insurance coverage of treatment for substance use disorder lead to providers being selective in which patients they serve.

Flexible jobs give workers choices

Maureen Soyars Hicks

A study looks at the real-time benefits to workers of flexible contract employment and uses UberX drivers as a case study.

Does bankruptcy hurt an individual’s ability to be hired or borrow money?

Yavor Ivanchev

Economists examine the financial and labor market effects of a bankruptcy flag removal.

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