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Import/Export Price Indexes

Economic Working Papers

The BLS Economic Working Paper Series is a collection of research papers authored by senior economists within the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The purpose of the Series is to circulate research findings to interested readers as a means of encouraging discussion prior to publication.

  • Unit Values for Import and Export Price Indexes - A Proof of Concept (2019) (HTML)
  • Measuring Export Price Movements with Administrative Trade Data (2019) (HTML)
  • Exchange Rates and the Prices of Manufacturing Products Imported into the United States (2002) (PDF)
  • Explaining Tranquility in the Midst of Turbulence: U.S. Multinationals' Intrafirm Trade, 1966-1997 (2001) (HTML)
  • Imputation and Price Indexes: Theory and Evidence from the International Price Program (2001) (HTML)
  • Transfer Pricing, Intrafirm Trade and the BLS International Price Program (2001) (HTML)
  • The Behavior of Intrafirm Trade Prices in U.S. International Price Data (2001) (HTML)
  • Coping with the Rising Yen: Japan's Recent Export Experience (1996) (HTML)
  • Using Dissaggregated Data to Dissect the U.S. Trade Deficit (1995) (HTML)

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Last Modified Date: December 12, 2019