NLSY97 User's Guide 2003
Guide to Rounds 1 - 5

The NLSY97 User's Guide 2003 is an informational guide to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (NLSY97). The guide includes descriptions of the survey sample, data collection efforts, and survey questionnaires. Researchers may be particularly interested in the guide’s detailed discussions of major data elements, such as employment, education, training, and marital history, in the NLSY97.

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Guide as 1 PDF: (289 pages) [1066K]

Contents of NLSY97 User's Guide 2002

Cover Page, Preface, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents (8 pages) [54 KB]

Chapter 1: Introduction (14 pages) [105K]

Chapter 2: Sample Design & Fielding Procedures (38 Pages) [183K]

Chapter 3: Guide to the NLSY97 Data (22 pages) [138K]

Chapter 4: Overview of Topical Guide to the NLSY97 (4 pages) [41K]

   4.1 Aptitude, Achievement & Intelligence Scores (8 pages) [80K]
   4.5 Education (22 pages) [117K]
   4.3 Employment (46 pages) [212K]
   4.4 Event History (7 pages) [64K]
   4.5 Expectations, Attitudes, Behaviors Time Use (28 pages) [142K]
   4.6 Family Background & Demographic Characteristics (38 pages) [190K]
   4.7 Health (4 pages) [60K]
   4.8 Income, Program Participation & Assets (11 pages) [92K]
   4.9 Marital History & Fertility (9 pages) [80K]
   4.10 Training (3 pages) [57K]

Appendices (22 pages) [119K]

Index (5 pages) [49K]

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