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National Longitudinal Surveys

NLSY27 Advisory Reports

As part of the planning process for a new NLSY27 cohort, the NLS has sought recommendations from outside experts on measurement objects and prospective content.  In fiscal year 2022 outside contractors (NORC at the University of Chicago, contract #1605C5-21-P-00020) conducted a needs assessment for a new cohort consisting of stakeholder and user outreach, a retrospective analysis of prior uses of NLSY data, and a review of possible alternative data sources. They also convened four content panels to make recommendations regarding the content of specific sections for the NLSY27 questionnaire during the earlier rounds: family and early childhood retrospectives, K-12 education and cognition, health and environmental outcomes, and assessment tools of the Department of Defense (including the ASVAB).

In fiscal year 2023 outside contractors (NORC at the University of Chicago, contract #1605C5-22-Q-00065) convened two additional content panels: delinquency, victimization, and interactions with the criminal justice system, and employment and work arrangements.

The NLS has now received reports from contractors from these activities. The reports provide advice about several foundational NLSY27 topics:

Fiscal Year 2022

Fiscal Year 2023

Fiscal Year 2024

Note that while these reports are recommendations to BLS from informed sources not all suggestions will be implemented.

Last Modified Date:
 June 14, 2024