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National Longitudinal Surveys
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NLS Handbook, 2005

The NLS Handbook provides an introduction to and overall picture of the 7 cohorts that make up the National Longitudinal Surveys: NLSY97, NLSY79 and children, Mature Women, Young Women, Older Men, and Young Men. It is particularly useful for those who are unfamiliar with the surveys and their data. Each cohort-specific chapter of the Handbook is accompanied by detailed tables that provide users with information about many of the variables contained in each of the surveys over time.

Chapter 1: The NLS (6 pages) [PDF 37 KB]

Chapter 2: The NLSY97 (27 pages) [PDF 132 KB]
    Table 2.8. Selected NLSY97 variables by survey round

Chapter 3: The NLSY79 (19 pages) [PDF 355 KB]
    Table 3.6. Selected variables by survey round: NLSY79

Chapter 4: Children of the NLSY79 (24 pages) [PDF 146 KB]
    Table 4.6. Selected variables by survey round: Children (birth to age 14) of the NLSY79
    Table 4.7. Selected variables by survey round: Young adult children (age 15 and older) of the NLSY79

Chapter 5: The NLS Original Cohorts: Mature and Young Women (27 pages) [PDF 198 KB]
    Table 5.6. Selected variables by survey round: Mature Women
    Table 5.7. Selected variables by survey round: Young Women

Chapter 6: The NLS Original Cohorts: Older and Younger Men (19 pages) [PDF 132 KB]
    Table 6.4. Selected variables by survey round: Older Men
    Table 6.5. Selected variables by survey round: Young Men

Chapter 7: A Sampler of NLS Research (10 pages) [PDF 59 KB]

Chapter 8: NLS Data Sets and Documentation (14 pages) [PDF 105 KB]

Chapter 9: Confidentiality and Consent (11 pages) [PDF 34 KB]

Chapter 10: For More Information (4 pages) [PDF 34 KB]

The NLS Handbook is presented on this website in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF).  Note that these PDF files are best viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. See How to view a PDF file for more information.

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