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National Longitudinal Surveys
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NLS Original Cohorts:
Mature and Young Women, Older and Young Men

The four groups of men and women in the NLS Original Cohorts were first interviewed in the mid-to-late 1960s. These cohorts were selected because each faced important labor market decisions, which were of special concern to policy makers. The Mature Women’s cohort includes 5,083 women who were ages 30-44 when first interviewed in 1967, while the Young Women’s cohort includes 5,159 women who were ages 14-24 when first interviewed in 1968. Data for both cohorts are available through 2003, when active surveying was discontinued. Interviews began in 1966 for the NLS older men, a group of 5,020 men ages 45-59 and for 5,225 young men aged 14 to 24. Interviews with these cohorts ceased in 1981. However 1990, information was collected from respondents and widows or other next-of-kin deceased Older Men sample members.

Mature and Young Women (NLSW)

The NLS of Mature women was a group of women in their 30s and early 40s, many of whom were reentering the workforce and balancing the roles of homemaker, mother and labor force participants. The NLS of Young women was comprised of women in their teen and early 20s who were completing school, making initial career and job decisions, and starting families.

The NLS Mature and Young Women (NLSW) public-use file that includes data from 2003 and all prior years is available for researchers to use. No future collection of NLSW data is planned at this time.

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