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Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

OES Estimates, 1988‐1995

National employment data by industry are available for 1988 through 1995. These data consist of industry-based employment estimates by 2-digit and 3-digit SIC industry, with each industry surveyed once every three years. These data contain no wage estimates or State or metropolitan area employment data. In addition, because not all industries are available in each year, it is not possible to calculate total national employment for a given occupation by summing across industries. As a result, the 1988–1995 estimates are useful mainly to data users interested in occupational staffing patterns for specific industries during this period. No OES data are available for 1996 or before 1988. The industries available in each year are summarized below.

Industry1987 SIC CodeYears Available
Agricultural services071992, 1995
Mining10-141990, 1993
Construction15-171990, 1993
Manufacturing20-391989, 1992, 1995
Transportation and public utilities40-491988, 1991, 1994
Wholesale trade50-511988, 1991, 1994
Retail trade52-591988, 1991, 1994
Finance, insurance, and real estate60-671990, 1993
Services (includes health care, except hospitals)70-87, 891990, 1993
Hospitals8061989, 1992, 1995
Educational services821988, 1991, 1994
State government-1988, 1991, 1994
Local government-1988, 1991, 1994

How to Obtain 1988-1995 OES Estimates

Estimates are available for download in XLS format at the links below. The files are organized by year and SIC level.

Contact Information

For additional information concerning 1988-1995 OES estimates, please contact an OES staff member:

  • E-mail: Contact us
  • Telephone number: 202-691-6569
  • Fax number: 202-691-6444
  • Mail address: Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics, Suite 2135, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington DC 20212-0001


Last Modified Date: August 12, 2013