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Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

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OEWS Handouts

  • What is the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) program?  OEWS One Page Handout (HTML) (PDF)
  • How much could I be earning?  Using Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics data during salary negotiations (HTML) (PDF)
  • Where are the jobs in my field?  How OEWS can take the mystery out of your job search (HTML) (PDF)
  • "Education Pays" handout (HTML) (PDF)

Spotlight on Statistics

  • Occupational Employment and Wages in State and Local Government; Audrey Watson, December 2021 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Occupational Employment And Wages In Metro And Nonmetro Areas; Stella Fayer and Audrey Watson, November 2020 (HTML) (PDF)
  • A look at employment and wages in U.S. establishments with foreign ownership; Erik Friesenhahn, Stella Fayer, and Audrey Watson, October 2019 (HTML) (PDF)
  • STEM occupations: past, present, and future; Stella Fayer, Alan Lacey and Audrey Watson, January 2017 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Employment and Wages in Healthcare Occupations; Stella Fayer and Audrey Watson, December 2015 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Spotlight on Statistics: BLS Statistics by Occupation; Audrey Watson, August 2014 (HTML) (PDF)

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Blog Posts

Highlights and Beyond the Numbers

  • As manufacturing sector changes, production occupations disappear: an analysis of employment from 2007-20; Paul Garbarino and Elizabeth Cross, November 2023 (HTML)
  • Comparing occupational employment and wages in public and private elementary and secondary schools; Audrey Watson, February 2023 (HTML)
  • Wage differentials: how jobseekers can use them to analyze occupational wage and cost of living data by U.S. area; Ben Cover, September 2014 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An overview of employment and wages in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) groups; John Jones, April 2014 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Measuring occupational concentration by industry; Audrey Watson, February 2014 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Employment and wages in community and social service occupations; John Jones, October 2012 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An overview of U.S. occupational employment and wages in 2011; Audrey Watson, July 2012 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Architecture and Engineering Occupations; Audrey Watson, February 2012 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Occupational Employment and Wage Patterns in Nonmetropolitan Areas; John Jones, November 2011 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Area Focus - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA; Tanner Beam, August 2011 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An Overview of U.S. Occupational Employment and Wages in 2010; Audrey Watson, June 2011 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Using Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Data in a Job Search; Claudia Calderon, April 2011 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Using Location Quotients to Analyze Occupational Data; Ben Cover, April 2011 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An Occupational Comparison of Private and State Colleges and Universities; Audrey Watson, January 2011 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Gulf Coast Occupational Employment and Wages; Swati Patel, October 2010 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An Overview of U.S. Occupational Employment and Wages in 2009; Audrey Watson, June 2010 (HTML) (PDF)
  • How Jobseekers and Employers Can Use Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Data during Wage and Salary Discussions; Clayton Lindsay, April 2010 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An Occupational Analysis of Industries with Employment Gains; Fatemeh Hajiha and Audrey Watson, February 2010 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An Occupational Comparison of Selected Retail Trade Industries; Joe Kane, December 2009 (HTML) (PDF)
  • An Occupational Analysis of Industries with the Most Job Losses; Fatemeh Hajiha and Audrey Watson, November 2009 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Occupational employment patterns in areas with low unemployment rates; Ben Cover, September 2009 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Industry focus - Food services and drinking places; Rebecca Keller, September 2009 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Area focus - Elkhart-Goshen, IN; July 2009 (HTML) (PDF)
  • Jobs on the Environment; June 2009 (HTML) (PDF)

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