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Occupational Employment Statistics
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OES MB3 Estimates

Economists in the BLS Office of Employment Research and Program Development developed an alternative estimation methodology for estimates of employment and wages from the Occupational Employment Statistics program. The alternative methodology may have advantages over the existing methodology as described in the Monthly Labor Review article. The estimates are available in the links below, and are being shared with the public for review and comment. Questions on the data or methods should be sent to MB3.ResearchTeam@bls.gov

May 2016

Contact Information

For additional information concerning OES MB3 estimates, please contact an ERPDS staff member:

  • E-mail: MB3.ResearchTeam@bls.gov
  • Mail address: Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics, Employment Research and Program Development Staff, Suite 4945, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington DC 20212-0001


Last Modified Date: August 26, 2019