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Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics
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Table 3. Occupations found primarily in nonmetropolitan areas, May 2009
Occupation Total occupational employment Percent of total occupational employment in nonmetropolitan areas

Shuttle car operators

800 77.3

Loading machine operators, underground mining

900 74.2

Continuous mining machine operators

3,250 71.1

Roof bolters, mining

1,600 70.6


1,970 69.6

Logging equipment operators

7,350 68.9

Log graders and scalers

1,150 60.5

Forest and conservation technicians

13,220 57.9

Postmasters and mail superintendents

10,910 56.2

Explosives workers, ordnance handling experts, and blasters

2,750 55.6

Slaughterers and meat packers

43,400 55.5

Extraction workers, all other

3,160 54.2

Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists

710 53.9

Mine cutting and channeling machine operators

3,660 53.8

Logging workers, all other

1,910 52.4

Sawing machine setters, operators, and tenders, wood

19,880 52.3

Farm equipment mechanics

14,470 52.1

Note: excludes some occupations that are concentrated in the agricultural sector, which is not covered by the OES survey (except logging and support activities for crop and animal production).


Last Modified Date: December 14, 2010