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Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

Upcoming Changes to May 2018 OES Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Data

With the publication of the May 2018 estimates, the OES program has made changes to the metropolitan and nonmetropolitan area data. OES continues to publish data for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas that cover the full geography of the United States. However, the level of detail available has been reduced.

  • Elimination of metropolitan division data:OES no longer publishes data for the metropolitan divisions within the 11 large metropolitan areas that are further broken down into divisions. Data for these 11 areas are available at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or New England City and Town Area (NECTA) level only. For a list of metropolitan divisions and the corresponding MSAs/NECTAs, see
  • Consolidation of some nonmetropolitan areas:Some nonmetropolitan areas published in the May 2017 estimates have been combined to form larger nonmetropolitan areas. The May 2018 estimates contain data for 134 nonmetropolitan areas, compared with 167 nonmetropolitan areas in the May 2017 estimates. For a list of the 2018 nonmetropolitan areas, see

A spreadsheet showing all of the new area definitions and names used for the May 2018 OES estimates is available at


Last Modified Date: March 29, 2019