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September 2017

Counting injuries and illnesses in the workplace: an international review

Thomas S. Tedone

This article reviews salient features of national occupational safety and health surveillance systems within a cross section of countries, including the United States.

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The cost effectiveness of job-creating economic policies

Richard Works

A Washington College professor examines the effectiveness of tax cuts and tax incentives in promoting job and output growth.

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Beyond BLS

Age discrimination and reform of the U.S. Social Security System

Serah Hyde

Does age discrimination work against Social Security reforms designed to keep older workers in the labor force?

Missing: America’s middle-educated workers

Cody Parkinson

People with only a high school diploma, some college, or an associate degree have been the primary contributors to the steady decline in the labor force participation rate since 2008.

The effect of natural disasters on local economies

McLeod Brown

Researchers study the effects of natural disasters on county migration rates, home prices, and poverty rates.

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