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December 2017

Crude oil prices spur gains for U.S. import and export price indexes, despite the appreciating dollar: 2016 annual summary

John Trantin

An examination of the impact of crude oil prices and the appreciating dollar on U.S. import and export price indexes throughout 2016.

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Book Reviews

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Easing the tension: economic growth and our dwindling natural resources

Christopher Nesseth

A Swedish economist provides a brief introduction to the challenges of maintaining economic growth in the context of declining natural resources.

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Beyond BLS

Housing and consumption: the home-purchase connection

Yavor Ivanchev

Three economists examine the effects of a house purchase on household spending.

The American home: production cost, availability, selling price, and the implications to our economy

John Roach

A cross-regional comparison of housing market efficiencies from the 1960s through today.

The unexplainable, growing black-white wage gap

Eleni Karageorge

The increased importance of unexplained factors in the black-white wage gap.

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March 1999

Good health and skilled health practitioners are important to most people, as it was in March 1999 when an MLR article reported on the status of the healthcare job market.

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