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September 02, 2010

Reemployment rates of displaced workers, January 2010

Employment status of long-tenured displaced workers by industry of lost job, January 2010
Industry Percent distribution
Employed Unemployed Not in the labor force


48.8 36.1 15.2


49.1 39.2 11.6


38.7 44.6 16.7

Wholesale and retail trade

48.8 32.6 18.6

Transportation and utilities

44.5 38.8 16.7


41.3 43.5 15.2

Financial activities

58.4 28.7 12.8

Professional and business services

52.0 35.2 12.8

Education and health services

56.9 28.5 14.6

Leisure and hospitality

52.2 32.5 15.3

Other services

64.0 20.4 15.6

Government wage and salary workers

55.3 30.2 14.5

NOTE: Data refer to persons 20 years and over who had 3 or more years of tenure on a job they had lost or left between January 2007 and December 2009 because of plant or company closings or moves, insufficient work, or the abolishment of their positions or shifts.

These data featured in the TED article, Reemployment rates of displaced workers, January 2010.



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