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A look at wages for jobs moms do at home

May 08, 2020

Moms are known to be great multitaskers. During these unique times, when schools are closed and play dates and babysitters are not allowed, moms, more than ever, are stepping up their multitasking game to create normalcy for their children. This Mother’s Day, we honor all moms and show that we have a stat for that! Here’s a quick look at wages for some of the occupations moms do for free.

Annual mean wages in selected occupations, May 2019
Occupation Annual mean wage

Administrative services and facilities managers


Secondary school teachers, except special and career/technical education


Elementary school teachers, except special education


Middle school teachers, except special and career/technical education


Librarians and media collections specialists


Precision instrument and equipment repairers, all other


Chefs and head cooks




Tutors and teachers and instructors, all other


Self-enrichment teachers


Painters, construction and maintenance


Preschool teachers, except special education


Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists


Tire repairers and changers


Recreation workers




Maids and housekeeping cleaners


Waiters and waitresses




Cooks, fast food


Moms are administrative services and facilities managers, who make sure the entire household runs like a well-oiled machine. The national average wage for this occupation was $106,550 in May 2019.

These days, moms are often teachers. The national average wage for preschool teachers in May 2019 was $34,650 per year. The average wage for secondary school teachers was $65,930, similar to the wages for elementary school teachers ($63,930) and middle school teachers ($63,550). And if moms have to spend extra time explaining that algebra equation to their teenagers, they’re also tutors. Tutors and teachers and instructors earned on average $48,700 per year.

Moms sometimes are precision instrument and equipment repairers, making sure everyone's electronic devices are working properly for online schooling, gaming, and video streaming. The average wage for this occupation was $59,940.

When organizing arts and crafts activities, moms are recreational workers! The national average wage for this occupation was $29,330. Moms sometimes are carpenters (average wage $52,850), repairing a cabinet or stairway or helping kids build something with wood. Moms are also painters (average wage $44,640), decorating kids’ rooms in their favorite colors.

Since many hair salons are also closed, moms might cut and style their children’s hair; hairdressers and hairstylists earned on average $31,530. Cleaning the house after those activities, disinfecting everything little fingers touch—maids and housekeeping cleaners earned on average $26,810.

Moms cook! The national average wage for chefs and head cooks was $56,310. However, moms don’t always have the time to prepare a gourmet meal. Fast food cooks earned on average $23,530. Kids don’t always get the meal from the stove to their plates on their own, so moms also serve food. Waiters and waitresses earned on average $26,800. Keeping the kitchen clean, washing the dishes, and cleaning the appliances—there’s an occupation for that, too! Dishwashers earned on average $24,410 per year. And at the end of the day, moms sometimes pour themselves a glass of wine. Bartenders earned on average $28,000.

Moms do many very important jobs at home every day. These are just some examples that capture moms’ busy and varied activities.

These data are from the Occupational Employment Statistics program. To learn more, see the occupational profiles for these and many other occupations. Also see “Occupational Employment and Wages — May 2019.”


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