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More than half of establishments with job vacancies in 2021–22 had fewer than 10 employees

August 04, 2023

One-third of the nation's 11.0 million private business establishments had job vacancies at any time between August 2021 and September 2022. Of those establishments with job vacancies, 1.9 million, or 53.3 percent, had fewer than 10 employees. Establishments with 1 to 4 employees accounted for 30.6 percent of all establishments with job vacancies, while establishments with 5 to 9 employees made up 22.7 percent of the establishments with job vacancies during this period.

Private establishments that had vacant positions, August 2021 to September 2022, by size of establishment
Size of establishment Percent of establishments with vacant positions that are in this size class Number of establishments in this size class with vacant positions [1] Establishments with vacant positions in this size class as percent of total establishments Total number of establishments [2]

All establishments with vacant positions

100.0 3,626,577 33.0 10,978,752

1 to 4 employees

30.6 1,108,694 15.3 7,253,334

5 to 9 employees

22.7 824,101 54.7 1,507,005

10 to 19 employees

21.0 762,705 72.1 1,057,809

20 to 49 employees

16.1 583,459 79.2 736,955

50 to 99 employees

5.4 197,455 81.9 241,088

100 to 249 employees

3.0 107,970 82.6 130,758

250 to 499 employees

0.8 27,753 81.7 33,969

500 to 999 employees

0.3 9,235 81.4 11,346

1,000 or more employees

0.1 5,204 80.2 6,488

[1] Totals for establishment sizes may not sum due to rounding.

[2] Number of total establishments data are for the first quarter of 2022.

A total of 3.3 million private establishments with fewer than 50 employees had job vacancies from August 2021 to September 2022. This represents 90.4 percent of all private establishments that had job vacancies over that period. The number of private establishments with 50 or more employees that had job vacancies was 348,000, or 9.6 percent of all private establishments with job vacancies.

From August 2021 to September 2022, a total of 1.1 million establishments with 1 to 4 employees had job vacancies. These 1.1 million establishments were 15.3 percent of all private establishments with 1 to 4 employees. During the same time period, 930,000 establishments with 20 or more employees had vacancies. This represented 80.2 percent of all private establishments with 20 or more employees.

These data are from the Business Response Survey. For more information, see "Telework, Hiring, and Vacancies — 2022 Data From The Business Response Survey" and more charts and tables on telework, hiring, and vacancies. An establishment is an economic unit that produces goods or provides services, usually at a single physical location, and that is engaged in one or predominantly one type of economic activity, for example, a factory, a mine, a store, or an office.


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