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BLS Restricted Data Access

Federal Statistical Research Data Centers

The Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDCs) are managed by the U.S. Census Bureau. The Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have agreed to make certain BLS restricted datasets available through the FSRDC network to approved researchers.

The Census Bureau manages multiple sites throughout the United States. Please see the link below for more information. Each researcher is only permitted to access BLS data from one approved FSRDC location.

Locations and contact information

During the process, you will interact with the BLS Project Coordinator as well as the FSRDC Administrator. It is important to remember the BLS Project Coordinator and FSRDC Administrators have their own roles and responsibilities. See Resources for more information.

To access data at an FSRDC, you must have or be able to obtain Special Sworn Status (SSS) from the Census Bureau. If you need to obtain SSS clearance, the process will not begin until after your application has been approved by BLS. Inform once your SSS clearance is approved so the legal agreement between BLS and your institution can be processed.

In order to access BLS data at an FSRDC, you will be required to pay a fee for each year of FSRDC access. See the Fees and Invoicing page for more information.

When all BLS and FSRDC requirements are completed, BLS will notify the FSRDC Administrator that you may begin accessing your restricted data file.

Email any statistical programming code and reference documentation (approved outside data, codebooks, statistical reference materials, etc.) to your BLS Project Coordinator. The BLS Project Coordinator will review and transfer the documents to Census. FSRDC computers do not have access to the Internet nor do they allow flash drives; therefore, all documents must be emailed at least one business day before your visit, so please submit documents to the BLS Project Coordinator accordingly.

While working at an FSRDC you are subject to all the same rules and restrictions as BLS onsite users.


Last Modified Date: June 7, 2021