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BLS Restricted Data Access

Onsite at BLS

BLS manages a designated research area at its national office located in Washington, D.C.

Directions to the BLS national office.

Researchers conduct work with restricted data at a workstation reserved in advance by a BLS Project Coordinator.

Researcher Workspace

  • BLS workstations are equipped with Windows Office PCs or laptop computers.
  • Workstation computers are connected to an internal Linux server where all restricted and project data files are stored.
  • Workstation computers do not have internet access.
  • The capability to use portable media storage devices (i.e., thumb drives or external hard drives) on workstation computers is disabled.
  • Each researcher is given a Windows account and a Linux server account.


BLS workstations have several versions of software available:

  • Versions of SAS and Stata software are available on the research server and PC/laptop.
  • SPSS software is available for use on some computers.
  • All visiting researcher computers have Microsoft Office programs.

BLS Onsite Access Policies

  • You may bring your own laptops to conduct outside work but are not permitted to store restricted data files on personal laptops, phones, or other digital hardware.
  • You may bring your own statistical software or data files for the BLS Project Coordinator to load onto your account. When granted RDARB permission, your BLS Project Coordinator may load proprietary data onto the Linux server.
  • You are only allowed to work on one research project at a time, except under limited circumstances.
  • All codes, output, and notes must undergo disclosure review by the BLS Project Coordinator before removal from the BLS national office. Absolutely no individual-level data will leave BLS facilities.
  • BLS reserves the right to search all materials brought into or leaving the facility.
  • Do not bring data or files into BLS with the purpose of identifying individuals and/or establishments. Do not attempt to put any content in your code that would facilitate identification of a subject/establishment by direct or indirect means.


Last Modified Date: June 7, 2021