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American Time Use Survey
Table A-3A. Percent of the population engaging in selected activities by time of day, 12 AM to 11 AM, average for the combined years 2011-15
Activity12 AM1 AM2 AM3 AM4 AM5 AM6 AM7 AM8 AM9 AM10 AM11 AM

Total, all activities(1)


Personal care activities




Eating and drinking

Household activities


Food preparation and cleanup

Lawn and garden care


Household management


Purchasing goods and services

Consumer goods purchases


Professional and personal care services


Caring for and helping household members

Caring for and helping household children

Caring for and helping nonhousehold members

Caring for and helping nonhousehold adults


Working and work-related activities


Educational activities

Attending class


Homework and research

Organizational, civic, and religious activities


Religious and spiritual activities


Volunteering (organizational and civic activities)


Leisure and sports

Socializing and communicating

Watching television

Participating in sports, exercise, and recreation

Telephone calls, mail, and e-mail

Other activities, not elsewhere classified

(1) All major activity categories (the activity names that are not indented) include related travel time.
(2) Estimate is approximately zero.

NOTE: These data are a snapshot of the main activities people were doing at the time indicated. At each time of day, the major activity categories sum to 100 percent, although sums may not be exact due to rounding. Data refer to persons 15 years and over. For technical information about the American Time Use Survey, see the ATUS User's Guide at
Source: American Time Use Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics