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Data Retrieval: American Time Use Survey (ATUS)
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Table 12. Average hours per day spent in primary activities for the civilian population, quarterly and annual averages
(Not seasonally adjusted)
Activity Quarterly averages Annual averages

Total, all activities(1)

Personal care activities


Eating and drinking

Household activities


Food preparation and cleanup

Lawn and garden care

Household management

Purchasing goods and services

Consumer goods purchases

Professional and personal care services

Caring for and helping household members

Caring for and helping household children

Caring for and helping nonhousehold members

Caring for and helping nonhousehold adults

Working and work-related activities


Educational activities

Attending class

Homework and research

Organizational, civic, and religious activities

Religious and spiritual activities

Volunteering (organizational and civic activities)

Leisure and sports

Socializing and communicating

Watching television

Participating in sports, exercise, and recreation

Telephone calls, mail, and e-mail

Other activities, not elsewhere classified

(1) All major activity categories include related travel time.

NOTE: A primary activity refers to an individual's main activity. Other activities done simultaneously are not included. Data refer to persons 15 years and over.


Last Modified Date: May 18, 2015