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Additional Work Stoppages Publications

The Economics Daily

The Economics Daily article image

25 major work stoppages in 2019 involving 425,500 workers

There were 25 major work stoppages in 2019, each involving 1,000 workers or more and lasting at least one shift. That was the largest number of major work stoppages since 2001. Between 2010 and 2019 there were 154 work stoppages, an average of 15 stoppages a year.. read more »

Commissioner's Corner

Why This Counts: What Do We Know about Strikes and Lockouts?

Strikes and lockouts? Aren’t those 1940s-50s-60s economic activities? Sounds like we are taking a trip to the distant past with Sherman and Mr. Peabody in the WABAC machine. (For you younger readers, these characters can be found in the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, a TV show from the early 1960s.) BLS first collected data on labor and management disputes (work stoppages) in the 1880s. BLS has continuously published work stoppage information since 1947, for events covering at least 1,000 workers. Recently, high profile work stoppages by public school teachers and others have kept these types of activities in the news.


Handbook Of Methods

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