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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
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QCEW Open Data Access

QCEW provides a collection of CSV files designed to allow third party programmers, developers, and organizations to retrieve published QCEW data in CSV format. This page provides links to QCEW CSV file documentation as well as to sample code in several languages. This resource provides access to all QCEW data for the most recent 5 years. For access to zipped files for all years, see https://www.bls.gov/cew/downloadable-data-files.htm

QCEW CSV files are sliced by industry, by area, and by establishment size-class. An industry slice contains all the records associated with the industry for a single time period. An area slice contains all the records associated with the area for a single time period. A size slice contains all records published within a specific size class for the first quarter of a specified year. All published QCEW data are provided by each set of slices. Slices contain pre-calculated location quotients. For more information, please see the location quotients page, https://data.bls.gov/cew/doc/info/location_quotients.htm

QCEW data slices can be directly accessed from various programming languages. QCEW has provided simple examples in several languages. These examples are intended to be stepping stones for advanced data users and software developers. These examples are provided as is and may be outdated. Some modification may be necessary to successfully retrieve data.

QCEW's Data Viewer interface uses these same CSV files to build custom HTML tables based on selected criteria. A link to the Data Viewer is provided below.

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Last Modified Date: September 10, 2019