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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

BLS UI Modernization

Note: Round to the nearest dollar; do not include decimals or fractions in fields containing dollars.
LEHD Data Elements
PositionLabelData ElementLenData Specification


SSNSocial Security Mumber9A 9-digit code indicating each worker's Social Security Number.

Numeric, Do no include hyphens.


Name_firstReference Worker's First Name15LThe first name of the inference worker, if known.

Left Justify, blank fill.


Name_middleReference Worker's Middle Initial1LThe middle name of the reference woiker. if known.

Left justify, blank fill.


Name_lastReference Worker's Last Name20LThe last name (surname) of the reference worker, if known.

Left justify, blank fill.


StateReference State2R2-digit FIPS State code for the location of the establishment. (See

Right justify, zero fill.


Empr_noUI Account Number10RState Employment Security Agency Identification number for the employer (U-I account).

Right justify, zero fill.


SeinunitReporting Unit Mumber5RReporting Unit Number.

Right justify, zero fill If unknown, zero fill.


EINEmployer Identification Number (EIN)9RFederal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Numeric, right justified. If EIN is unknown, zero fill.


YearReference Year4Four digits of the calendar year covered by the report.



QuarterReference Quarter1Quarter identification number within the data year. '1'=First calendar quarter (January to March), '2' =second calendar quarter (April to June), '3'=Third calendar quarter (July to September), '4'=Fourth calendar quarter (October to December).


WageQuarterly Wages10RThe total amount of wages (both taxable and non-taxable) paid to the Reference Worker during the entire reference quarter that are subject to Unemployment Insurance taxes. The wages for all worksites should match the wages paid that are reported on that States' Quarterly Contribution Report.

Numeric (no $ signs or commas), right-justified, zero fill. If no wages were paid, zero fill. Round to the nearest dollar (Omit cents).


HoursHours3RHours worked in the quarter, if available.

Right justify, zero fill. If unknown, zero fill.


WeeksWeeks3RWeeks worked in the quarter, if available.

Right justify, zero fill. If unknown, zero fill.


Last Modified Date: September 11, 2019