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Consumer Price Index

CPI Additional Publications

Monthly Labor Review

Monthly Labor Review article image Examining U.S. inflation across households grouped by equivalized income

This article examines the level of homogeneity of inflation across the income distribution, grouping households by equivalized-income quintile. read more »

The Economics Daily

The Economics Daily article image Prices of dairy and related foods down 1.0 percent over the year ended May 2024

June is National Dairy Month, and it's no cowincidence that, just like every month, BLS has cowculated legendairy data. So caseus diem ("cheese the day", or let the cows "seize the hay") and celebrate the work of dairy farmers and manufacturers of dairy products. Speaking of consumer prices for dairy foods, data from the Consumer Price Index program show that prices for dairy and related food products decreased 1.0 percent over the year ended May 2024. read more »

Beyond the Numbers

Beyond the Numbers article image A year in review: exploring consumer price trends in 2023

This Beyond the Numbers article examines trends for major CPI categories, such as food and beverages, energy, and all items less food and energy, in 2023. The article also highlights subcategories that made notable changes or had some effect on the major categories. read more »

Handbook Of Methods

Handbook Of Methods article image Consumer Price Index Presentation

read more »