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Contact Us

For more information on the National Compensation Survey (NCS) please call (202) 691-6199, or email

For more information on Worker Safety and Health please call (202) 691-6170, or email

CRPDG Division Chief
 Nicole Nestoriak
(202) 691-7408

University of Maryland (PhD)

College of William and Mary (BA)

Research Economists
Travis Cyronek
(202) 691-5508

University of California, Santa Barbara (MA, PhD)

University of California, Irvine (BA)

Maury Gittleman
(202) 691-6318

New York University (PhD)

Cornell University (BA)

Benjamin Raymond
(202) 691-7671

Purdue University (MS, PhD)

Saint Louis University (BA)

Elan Segarra
(202) 691-7164

University of Wisconsin – Madison (MA, PhD)

Harvey Mudd College (BS)

Theodore To
(202) 691-6590

University of Pittsburgh (MA, PhD)

University of Delaware (BS)

Richard Uhrig 

(202) 691-7581

University of California, Santa Barbara (MA, PhD)

College of William and Mary (BA)

Diana Loayza
(202) 691-5586

Barcelona School of Economics (MS)

University of California, Santa Cruz (BA)