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CRPDG: Working Papers and Conference Presentations

Please see to view the BLS Working Paper Series.

Nicole Nestoriak E-mail

  • " How do Employees Fare in Private Equity Buyouts? Evidence from Workplace Safety Records," with Jonathan Cohn and Malcolm Wardlaw.
  • " Occupational Injuries and Employer Dynamics," BLS Working Paper
  • Journal Publications and BLS Publications by Nicole Nestoriak

Benjamin Raymond E-mail

  • "Broken Instruments," (with Trevor Gallen), 2020.
  • "The Stabilizing Effect of Referral-Networks on the Labor Market," 2019. 
  • "The Impact of Referral-Networks on Sectoral Reallocation," 2019.
  • "Does Job-Finding Using Informal Connections Reduce Mismatch? The Role of Nonpecuniary Benefits," 2019.

Theodore To E-mail

  • "Job Dispersion and Compensating Wage Differentials," May 2020, (with Paul Sullivan).
  • "When are Wage Differentials Compensating?," November 2018, (with Paul Sullivan).
  • Journal Publications by Theodore To

        Last Modified: May 6, 2022