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National Compensation Survey
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What are employer costs for wages and benefits?

Employer Costs for Wages and Benefits and Changes in CostsThe Employment Cost Index (ECI) component of the National Compensation Survey (NCS) is a Principal Federal Economic Indicator that measures changes in labor costs. Average hourly costs for employee compensation are presented in the Employer Costs for Employee Compensation (ECEC) series.

Who has benefits?

Who has benefits and how do benefits work?The NCS also provides benefits incidence data on the percentage of workers with access to and participating in employer provided benefit plans. The survey covers a broad range of benefits including holidays and vacations, sick leave, health and life insurance, and retirement plans. Details of employer-provided health and retirement plan provisions are also provided.


NCS News Releases

Paid sick leave available to 77% of private industry workers in March 2021


Paid sick leave was available to 77 percent of private industry workers. Among occupations, access to paid sick leave ranged from 59 percent of workers in service occupations to 93 percent in management, professional, and related occupations.
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Compensation costs up 1.3% Mar 2022 to Jun 2022 and up 5.1% over the year ending Jun 2022


Compensation costs increased 1.3 percent for civilian workers, seasonally adjusted, from March 2022 to June 2022. Over the year, total compensation rose 5.1 percent, wages and salaries rose 5.3 percent, and benefit costs rose 4.8 percent.
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Civilian workers compensation costs average $40.90 per hour worked in March 2022


Employer costs for civilian workers averaged $28.16 per hour worked for wages and salaries and $12.74 for benefits in March 2022. Compensation costs were $15.60 at the 10th wage percentile, $31.39 at the median, and $78.58 at the 90th percentile.
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Regional News Releases

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Archived News Releases


NCS Databases


Database Name Special
Tables Text Files
Modeled Wage Estimates
  Top Picks for Wage Modeling Data Finder for Wage Modeling One Screen Data Search for Wage Modeling Multi Screen Data Search for Wage Modeling   Text Files for Wage Modeling
Pay & Cost of Benefits
Employment Cost Index
  Top Picks for ECI Data Finder for ECI One Screen Data Search for ECI Multi Screen Data Search for ECI Tables for ECI Text Files for ECI
Employer Costs for Employee Compensation
  Top Picks for ECEC Data Finder for ECEC One Screen Data Search for ECEC Multi Screen Data Search for ECEC Tables for ECEC Text Files for ECEC
Benefit Incidence & Provisions
Employee Benefits Survey
(1985 to 2006)

  Top Picks for EBS   One Screen Data Search for EBS Multi Screen Data Search for EBS   Text Files for EBS
National Compensation Survey - Benefits (Beginning with
2010 data)*
  Top Picks for NCS Benefits Data Finder for NCS Benefits   Multi Screen Data Search for NCS Benefits Tables for NCS Benefits Text Files for NCS Benefits

*2007 to 2009 benefits data are not available in the National Compensation Survey data base.
For data during these years, see the NCS publication archive.


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NCS Tables

Employment Cost Index (ECI)

  • News Release Tables (XLSX)
  • Historical Tables
    • Seasonal Data (XLSX) 2001 – Present
    • Non-Seasonal Current and Constant Dollar Data (XLSX) 2001 – Present
    • Continuous Data (XLSX) 1975 – Present
  • Discontinued Tables
    • Standard Errors (TXT) (PDF)
    • Current Dollar Historical Listing: NAICS basis (TXT) (PDF) March 2001 – March 2022
    • Current Dollar Historical Listing: SIC basis (TXT) (PDF) September 1975 – December 2005
    • Constant Dollar Historical Listing: NAICS basis (TXT) (PDF) March 2001 – March 2022
    • Constant Dollar Historical Listing: SIC basis (TXT) (PDF) September 1975 – December 2005
    • Continuous Historical Listings (TXT) (PDF) September 1975 – March 2022
    • Health Benefits Historical Listings (TXT) (PDF) 1982 – 2020

Employer Costs for Employee Compensation (ECEC)

  • Historical Listings
    • Civilian Workers (XLSX) 2004 – Present
    • Private Industry Workers (XLSX) 2004 – Present
    • State and Local Government Workers (XLSX) 2004 – Present
    • Compensation Percentile Estimates (XLSX) 2009 – Present
    • Metropolitan Areas (XLSX) 2009 – Present
  • Discontinued Tables
    • Quarterly Historical Listing: NAICS basis (TXT) (PDF) March 2004 – September 2021
    • Quarterly Historical Listing: SIC basis (TXT)) (PDF) March 2002 – December 2003
    • Annual Historical Listing: SIC basis (TXT) (PDF) March 1986 – March 2001
    • Supplemental Tables: NAICS basis (TXT) (PDF) June 2021
    • Supplemental Tables: NAICS basis (TXT) (PDF) December 2006 – June 2021
  • Relative standard errors



NCS Publications and Other Documentation


NCS Frequently Asked Questions


Other BLS Resources

  • Compensation Research and Program Development Group—carries out research that addresses methodological, conceptual, and technical issues of concern to the National Compensation Survey, Occupational Requirements Survey, and the Workplace Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities Programs.
  • Guide for Evaluating Your Firm's Jobs and Pay (PDF)—explains how the Bureau determines the work level of an occupation in the National Compensation Survey.
  • Information Guide (PDF)—provides descriptions of the information and data produced by BLS, as well as descriptions of the publications in which they appear.
  • Modeled Wage Estimates—annual estimates of average hourly wages for occupations by job characteristics and within geographical location.
  • Occupational Requirements Survey—provides job-related information regarding physical demands; environmental conditions; education, training, and experience; as well as cognitive and mental requirements for jobs in the U.S. economy.
  • Work Stoppages—monthly and annual data and analysis of major work stoppages involving 1,000 or more workers.

Other Useful Links

  • Compendium of Federal Datasets Addressing Health Disparities (PDF)—is a free resource of publicly available data relevant to research and programs aiming to reduce health disparities by exploring the relationship between socioeconomic factors and the social determinants of health.
  • Employee Benefits Security Administration—provides participant and compliance assistance in the areas of retirement, health and other employee benefits.
  • Glossary—provides terms and definitions used on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' website.
  • Health Insurance Definitions (PDF)—provides terms and definitions approved by the Federal Government's Interdepartmental Committee on Employment-based Health Insurance Surveys for use in Federal surveys collecting employer-based health insurance data.
  • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs-responsible for ensuring employers doing business with the federal government comply with the laws and regulations requiring equal employment opportunity.
  • Wage and Hour Division—responsible for enforcing federal labor laws including minimum wage and hour standards.


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Latest Numbers



TOTAL COMPENSATION: 3-month % change (SA)

Civilian workers
1.3% in 2nd Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

Private industry workers
1.5% in 2nd Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

State and local government workers
0.8% in 2nd Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

TOTAL COMPENSATION: 12-month % change (NSA)

Civilian workers
5.1% in 2nd Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

Private industry workers
5.5% in 2nd Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

State and local government workers
3.4% in 2nd Qtr of 2022 Historical Data


Total compensation: per hour worked

Civilian workers
$40.90 in 1st Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

Private industry workers
$38.61 in 1st Qtr of 2022 Historical Data

State and local government workers
$55.47 in 1st Qtr of 2022 Historical Data


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